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Project: Lafourche Louisiana Teaser

Client: Brand USA

Agency: Miles Partnership

Project: International Conference Road Trip Event 2016

Client: Travel South USA

Agency: Miles Partnership

Project: Box Car Rally 2015

Client: Acheiva Credit Union

Production Company: Company Man

"Couples Therapy" :30

Projectt: "CrashThe Superbowl" Contest

Production Company: Tomatoes Potatoes LLC

“One time Jason Segel put [on a hat] and I got pissed. That’s my hat!” 

Actor, author, artist James Franco riffs on his Jack Nicholson obsession, connecting with Broadway audiences and much more in this far ranging discussion with host and fellow Freaks and Geeks Alum Kevin Corrigan. 

Production Company: Lavaland

Director: Kemois Brown

One of a series of web videos for a Tampa Bay based coffee company.  Both shot and edited this one.

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